You Are The Artist of Your Life

So first thank you to those who are reading this blog on a continued basis. So you know this blog will be making its appearance on a national level. Because of that, the new title will be called WRESTLING WITH YOURSELF. I hope you join me and continue to read this blog on, a leading edge spiritual website geared toward helping each of us expand to our greater self.  I am humbled by the opportunity to be included with such wonderful creative writers.  Now back to the blog.

I have explained on many occasions that if you have trouble with the word God that is fine. But I do invite you to look at the old beliefs, views, and stories you are carry about it.  We should look at these concepts we carry of God every 5 years.  When I was a child growing up in catholic school I carried around the idea that Jesus died for me, that I was born in sin, that God was a super human who was watching all my thoughts, and who would punish me if I wasn’t living rightly.  Those views have changed over the years and my view of God is of unconditional nature.  So to help us all with the view of God, I like to use the word unconditional, so you will notice as you continue to read this blog, unconditional will be used rather than God. But let us be on the same page, it is the same to me.  Just like using All That Is, words can not express the vastness of this presence.    

So this unconditional presence which already is expressing, is looking for acknowledgment from you. When you sit quietly with the unconditional presence and realize there is no separation between you and another, between you and anything, and you get past the duality of the mind and rest in the unconditional presence of life, you will discover like Jesus discovered that you are the wave of the ocean.  Each of us is the wave. Pretty cool! Which means, that when you connect to the unconditional presence that is, then you are the artist of your life.   YES THE ARTIST who is one with the ARTIST itself.  So you take complete responsibility for your creation.  You are the painter of thoughts, actions, words, and love.  

Some artist when they don’t like their paintings, simply throw them away.  But when we don’t like what we have created, we sometimes have to forgive and create again, or simply create again and again.  The one thing I like about artists, is they throw themselves into their life’s work. So as an artist of your life, throw yourself into LIFE. The past is done, you have made your choice in it, whether you judged, were kind, loving, critical of yourself or another, it doesn’t matter, all you can do is forgive it and move forward.  Once you authentically forgive, all is forgiven in the unconditional, I think that is pretty cool. So as an artist create your masterpiece and learn as well.

Yesterday I was able to have conversation with a client who was upset with his lost relationship, and some other things in her life.  I said, “Who isn’t upset with something, can’t you learn from it and move one?” He looked at me and was was taken back, “He said well that doesn’t seem loving.” I listened and said, “Actually that is love, love is responsible for the creation, love is not a victim to it.”  He laughed, “Good point.”  

When you realize your life is a work of art then you can play, laugh, and learn all the time.  Not only will you be confiding in love, but to confide in love inside yourself is to have confidence. You begin to listen to the small the voice inside of you and listen to how you feel about things.  Forgiving doesn’t become a another job, but it becomes a way of life. Forgiving becomes an eraser of your creation.  Love is life and life is love and as an artist of your life, you are a lover of it too.  Love is all giving, it doesn’t need or want anything but to love itself and see it in another.

So when you withhold love from another, play games with another, not fully embrace a relationship, well you are missing life and missing the most important opportunity in life, to dwell in the unconditional presence itself.  By not being engaged in a relationship, then I am sure you are not engaging other aspects of you and your life as well.  

When you engage life as an artist and fully create with your pallet of colors (Words, thoughts, actions, and intentions) then you can’t help but be present in life and love.  There is not time to think about yesterday, or analyze  the past or people.  You realize that life is all and all is life. YOU ARE THE ARTIST! So what are you creating today? How are you using your pallet of colors?  You are the artist of life, what type of painter do you want to be, one of fear and separation or love and oneness? It is really up to you, no one can be the artist you are, so stop listening to them, and start creating your work.

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Spiritual? What I can’t be!

The argument for being a human is a great error on this planet.  Sometimes we use this word human which means GOD-Man as an excuse.  For example, “Well I lied, cheated, stole, blamed, judged, fought, killed, caused war, manipulated etc…because I am human and that is part of life.”  Now human in this context is referring to a sense of ignorance rather than exploration of what this God-man is.  Most people seem to have trouble with the word God, it brings up many child hood memories of this super human man that is punishing, fear based, and destroys you and sends you to hell if the law of life is not lived correctly.  That look at God is based on theories of the old testament, but as we see in the new testament from the gospels and Jesus,  God is love.  Whether you see Jesus as a metaphor, a person, or teacher, he was proving time and time again that love destroys this sense of fear. In fact all great teachers have been teaching us, like Martin Luther KIng, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, we have learned these lessons from each of you as well. Through the civil war, civil rights, gay rights, and now we are opening to same sex marriage. Anything that is not unconditional in nature on this planet will simply implode.  ALL OF US are created from the unconditioned life and that life is inclusion. 

So this love is unconditional in nature.  So perhaps we should throw the words out the door and sit with just unconditional.  Unconditional is without conditions, but the paradox of truth is that the conditions open you up to the discovery of the unconditional.  So we are referring to an unconditional energy which we called God.  Now this unconditional space is everywhere and in all places at once.  So you and I are walking in it and living in it right now.  Because of this fact, the unconditional energy became man and is expressing its fullness now. So essentially right where you are, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, you are spiritual in nature.  The spiritual just means unconditional, that is it.  As we practice in our unconditional life, we are discovering all the ways in which we believe or have been taught by all of our relationships how to be conditional. Yet there is nothing conditional about you.  We see this example in miracles, in athletes, in woman giving birth, etc..

Like anything in life the unconditional awaits the discovery by you and I. If you choose to not discover it then “Oh well!” By not discovering your true nature, then struggle, pain, drama, chaos, and all the rest of it become the norm.  Your whole existence becomes tiny, and the world out there seems to be against you, and so you must survive this terror outside of you with war, fighting, games, secrets, and chaos.  

On the other hand if you choose to discover your nature, which is unconditional, then you begin to see all the ways in which this life is an adventure.  Its fun! Things happen for you, not against you anymore, and you realize they are helping, people are helping you, that this universe is perfect and complete and so are you. And that nothing was every against you. Nothing.  

The unconditional is infinite, limitless, vast, and keeps expanding like spirit.  That is why you are spiritual in nature. Not because its better than being human, its because this human body, is used as a space suit to travel and experience the adventure of discovering an unconditional life. The soul is the unconditional and the spirit is the reflection of the allness of life.  Hence, inspiration is simply in-spirit, in-breath. You are spiritual whether you acknowledge it or not.

My hope is that you choose to acknowledge it more than this body suit.  When that happens, the road becomes filled with adventure, expression, selflessness, and strength.  The path is difficult at first, but that is because we resist change and cling to the world.  The world can not help you make this choice, you must make it yourself.  

You are a God-man. Start exploring the infinite, and then you will understand the HU-MAN.


I want to know who you are?

Last night I was honored to attend a dialogue on my friends new new book entitled a A NEW WAY TO BE HUMAN. It was in Los Angeles with Robert Taylor and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  When Robert and Tutu first met, the Archbishop asked him, “Robert tell me who you are, not what you do?”  That inspired me to write this poem and so here it is.

I want to know who you are?

By David Matthew Brown


I want to know who you are?

I want to know who you are?

I want to know when all have left you-

When all is against you

When you are down,

Feeling no hope-

I want to know who you are?

I want to know when all is going good

Or bad if you can be the same person

I want to know what you yearn for

What you celebrate-

What pushes you to love past what you know-

When there is no one to do it-

No one next to you to inspire you-

I want to know who you are?

I don’t want to know what you have done

I don’t want to know what you do

I want to know who you are?
When you are upset with God-

Do you yell and scream at God?

Do you rip your heart open to tell your partner how much you appreciate them?

When you feel alone, lonely or shamed-

I want to know who you are?

I want to know if you are willing to throw the past away and start over-

Can you do that?

I want to know if you can forgive yourself and me and just say YES YES YES

Without doubt, confusion, and trust God knows what it is doing-

Can you love your fellow man and women when they are kicking you?

Can you love yourself when others won’t?

I want to know who you are?

Do you need to be discovered, be extraordinary, or

Are you happy to be ordinary?

Can you celebrate your friend’s success like it is your own?

Can you stand in fear and know the truth?

Can you try something new?

Can you stay committed even when you feel hurt?

Can you know that hurt can be healed?

I want to know who you are?

Who are you?

Do you collaborate with God in love and loving others everyday?

Even when you don’t know why?

Can you see how blessed you are?

I want to know your bigger YOU-

When you tell me someone cheated on you, or cheated, or lied-

I want to know if you can forgive them, not for them but for you-

And for them, even you don’t understand why-

I want to know the you that only loves and values yourself-

I want you to respect and value you

Not because of the work you do, not because some fool is attracted to you an wants what it can’t have-

But because you value you- you value others

Because you have seen your story and empathize with it-

That you can empathize with others-

I want you to discover who you are-

Not because I want it but because

You have no idea how big you really are-

Can you throw everything that you thought you knew away?

Can you see your partner with fresh eyes, and shower them with appreciation and value and respect, because dammit they are doing it for you?

I want to know who you really are?

Do you know God loves everyone?

Do you know this God has no idea of who you aren’t?

It is with you now and forever-

Do you know that you are a child of this God?

Do you know we are family?

I do. I do.

And I love you because you are loved-

And I can only love what God loves.

So tell me who are you?

What burns in your heart to express this?

Express it my love, express it-

Because this time I am not moving-

I am going to stand in this fear and trust in love-

Real love-

And I am going to trust that god loves you and me and us and we

Can you take all the crap that you have been through with others and stop projecting it on me and trust that this is real?

I want to know who you are, not what you do-

So who are you?

I am listening…

Sweet angel…





God is NOT the Story

We are great story tellers.In fact your entire identity is based on story.  Without the story of who you are, who are you? Who are you without the story of YOU? Who is telling the story?  We tell stories about everything, everybody, and everything is lost and found in the story. We have wonderful stories of God. Although God is not found in a label, story, or words. God can not be described in terms of stories.  So God is not an idea, image, or even sound.  God is found now and always now. God is not a past, future thing. Those are mind construction of an idea or group of ideas about God.  God is found just like  you are found before the label, before the word, before the limitation, before the judgement, before it all.  The moment that it becomes a label, word, thought, story, the essence is lost and must be found, yet it is not lost. That is the paradox of truth, impersonal truth.

God is impersonal. Truth is impersonal. There is no ownership of it. There simply can’t be ownership over the all of now. It would be like an individual trying to sell you plots of now. As if there is a market in that.  If I was to show you light. You would see the light in full. It fills every space and every space is filled with this light. Even parts that seem solid would be filled with this light. Now I would ask you where yesterday is? Where is tomorrow? Can you find it? Can you found you in this light? Where are you? Where is this story you keep telling us about YOU? Where are you? Sure you may tell me a story about where you THINK you are? But is that truth? Is your personal story so real that you believe it? 

Same applies for God.  Where is God? This question may open a little gate way but the question is just a question. If God is not a story, then you can’t be a story. You can’t be found in the past, or future, or through what appears to be mistakes, these are experiences but none of them are you. You can’t be the experience, so God is not an experience, because experience comes and goes, correct? Your identity is not found anywhere except where you are now.  Same with God. God can only be found now. The story of God is a story that once spoken is gone. 

So true education is to know yourself, and when you know yourself, you will discover God. It is not in the label, idea, image, experience, but found beyond that now.  The suggestion being made is not that we don’t experience, but that we are not identified as the experience.  If we become identified as the experience we have lost the life force of all. 

Our language should be in observing, as one observes, then one should speak from there. We are constantly observing. Once we become identified with what we are observing then a story happens.  Your breath is constant. God is constantly giving the answer. Nothing is held back from its children.  Get by the story, labels, and identities. See where they come from. See if today you can be with things before they become something. Just observe and pay attention to when the judgement comes, that is how subtle, beautiful, and loving God is. 

Remember to not believe my words. Find out for yourself. Be in the undiscovered. What the mind perceives as fear is really aliveness wanting to be unleashed. Love, love, love


Sacred Union: Love and Lust

The core question that one can ask oneself is, “Why am I so frightened to be alone?” When the question is first posed to the self, images and ideas swarm around the mind about being “alone”. The word alone entails fear for many people and yet underneath the fear, like all fear is death. So as we begin to sit with being alone and death, we ask the question again, “Why am I so frightened to be alone?” Sitting with it, being with it, contemplating this part which is frightened by being “alone.” So maybe the “alone” is really being, just being without thoughts, stories, ideas, images, and past/future. Being without an identity. So in essence there is an identity crisis. The smaller “i” has dominated, and the question finally looks at the smaller “i”. The smaller “i” thinks its something, believes in it, fights for it, and all the while it is separating itself from the “I”, the universal source of all. You may wonder how does this work with love and lust. Perfectly.

We have conditioned and been conditioned to the smaller “i”. So love and lust are based on preconceived notions. We are taught that love will save us in our stories with the princess in the castle and the prince on the horse. The idea and image that a man must be and act a certain way to have his possession, prize. That a woman must be and act a certain way to have a man, be its prize. All the while it is all conditioning. Nobody is happy because if they were to end the game of conditions, then they would be alone again. And since they are frightened to be alone, they play the game. Most people are so use to doing, playing parts, being small, believing in ideas and images, religions, corporations, traditions, that no longer serve them, that even if they are miserable in their life they will continue to not question it. Because the conditioned world wants you to believe in struggle, pain, fighting, and war. Otherwise if you don’t- the world which you live would change.

What is interesting is that when you commit to really knowing your self (Heart), you will be alone. The conditioned group will no longer stand by you. They will mark you as weird, different, they will judge you, and crucify you. Our biggest story of this is Jesus. Many, many people couldn’t stand him, but he stood for unconditional love. Which has lasted longer? Peoples hating him or his love for all. He loved so much that when they crucified him, he forgave them. Pretty powerful. So the sense of being alone when investigated actually opens up the portal to LOVE AND LUST.

But now the love and lust no longer come from a smaller place, but from a sacred place. No longer is the body used to get things, quick gratifications, have sex with everybody, eating, doing drugs, power, and all the nonsense of the smaller lust. But by having the realization that being alone really is all one, no thoughts, stories, conditions, etc. That realization is a sacred union, which lifts the smaller “i” to the bigger “I” (unconditional love), or the dying of the small self to the rising of the larger self. The metaphor or story of Jesus is one of just that. Then LOVE AND LUST can flourish as one. Meaning that you have a sacred union with another. Two whole beings exploring each other and loving without the condition of being conditional. So their love is sacred, the pleasure they have with each other is sacred, their children are sacred, it is all a sacred gift with no more sense of death which is this propaganda of being alone. Which as you can see when investigated is a portal to breaking the conditional stories, myths, separation of each other on this planet.

So the realization of the sacred union is the appreciation of yourself and the other. So all is present. Now the sexual relations with another is intimate, soul filled, loving, expansive, and playful, and erotic, and it comes from a place of unconditional love. No longer does the orgasm come from just the lower body, but now it is full. Filling every area, cell of the body temple. It also lets the two souls see that commitment is the wrong use of the relationship. “Commitment” means possession, but if you call it a sacred union then the language about you and the other changes. Now the union is ordained by something bigger, open, and the relationship is more of a soul contract between the two. When something is sacred between two people it is harder to put energy in cheating, jealousy, and all the smaller forms of lust.

“Sacred Union” is where we are headed and finally understanding that there is no separation, that life breath that is breathing you now is sacred, relationships are sacred, and life is sacred. Death is really the lower bowing to the higher. How beautiful you are…Love you

It can be…difficult sometimes

So it can be difficult sometimes right? Let us just be with it.  We would like it to be or we would like to be, but every once in a while it seems to want to be how it is. Even in the growth, we are invited to be thankful. Thankful for what is. Because what looks difficult, challenging, confusing, is really our boundaries being stirred up in consciousness. Which is good. Because it is time for us to open up to who we really are.  Realize that nobody can save us, nobody has power over us, nobody owns or controls love. Nobody controls you, has power over you, can abuse you, torment you, or any other nonsense.  And yet it feels like that is happening sometimes to all of us in one fashion or another.

I feel like it is important to share our experience. When I was younger, I used to be, still am to a certain sense,  highly sensitive to sound, peoples voices, loud music, and my family would feel embarassed, announcing, “David doesn’t talk and will cry if noise is too loud. Very sensitive.”  That led to me sitting for hours on end, singing on my swing. Now I was always pictured angels around me, and they would sit on the fence and listen to me make up songs, and sing anything.  Later I would join the choir at church, sing in small groups, which led me into the arts as an actor, and although girls and acting took my time, I loved to sing.  When I was twenty years of age, I returned from travel across the country in the musical TOM SAWYER.  I was offered a part in a musical. But the character sang baratone.  They hired a man from the SF opera house to work with me. I never hit that low and felt very discouraged by my voice, he kept telling me I couldn’t sing. What he meant to say was I couldn’t sing low. I was a natural second Tenor.  After three weeks of rehearsal and nothing go right with the song. They asked me to just speak it. They said I couldn’t sing.  From that point on, I told people I couldn’t sing, carry a note, hear a note, etc…I took someones story of their own discouragement and made it my life story.

This discovery was made just about a month ago.  I was with my 4 year old daughter, and I started to sing to her.  She asked me to sing again. I said, “Sure”.  From my mouth came the greatest discovery, a tone. Known as a divine tone came out.  It scared me. My daughter loved it.  She asked me to do it again. I did.  For the past month, where ever we go, she has me do it. She told me angels sing like that. I smile. Maybe it is angels whispering their encouragement in my heart.

I asked myself, “Why did I stop singing?” That story about the rehearsal came forward. I write this to you, to let you know, you have a voice, no matter what anyone tries to tell you otherwise. You have a voice and you matter.  I just re-discovered mine.  Now you are it.

Personality means “personal sound”. Each of us has our own unique sound. How beautiful is that. How wonderful are you! You are awesome, because you are! Love you! It feels good to discover again…thank you to my biggest teacher…my daughter.

Thank you to those of you who read this sharing. May the angels carry your voices across the seas of love and away from the doubt of others.


It is natural for each of us to live in a state of awe. What is unnatural is a state most live in.  We are very comfortable living in labels, gossip, judgement, etc…which actually happen after the AWE sense. Each of us live in this state. Now if you can observe that in mere seconds after the awe, the label comes to distant us from what actually is happening.  A story takes over and off we go. We become the victim, hero, celeb, famous, etc… in a matter of seconds.  Now when most people pray they are looking for more,  selfish intent, and yet in prayer, just like in this state of AWE is the allness of what is. How you see God is symbolic on how you see life?  God is love.  Love is God.  Awe is known as awareness.  Love is awareness, Awe is love, and so forth.  In this state of being which is natural, there can be no limited way of living.  Love is natural and it is all inclusive in nature, it doesn’t exclude. Observe today the feeling of AWE and see how quickly we negate it with our own selfish story of what could be happening right now. Be nature and trust what is and listen. Help yourself by getting rid of the story of what could be or should be happening. Just observe life as it is. Don’t believe me, try it out.

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