Wrestling with yourself is geared toward discovering the bigger truth.  In order to discover you, you must ask the right questions. You are on a QUEST FOR FREEDOM from everything, and so by asking the right questions in your quest to be free, you open up to more possibilities.  The grail you are looking for is within you and within your grasp. But like all quests you have to face the dragon, which in this case is the mind. Everyone must do this. Jesus faced the same thing in the wilderness with the devil for 40 days and 40 nights. The wilderness is the mind and the devil is the crazy thinking.  When you can over come the crazy thinking you will be free. Buddha did this through renouncing the world and the conditions, same concept.  The dream is the crazy thinking (Devil).

In order to overcome the crazy thoughts you must inquire into them, question them, see them for what they are.  Your sword is in the doubt, the questioning, the seeing, the stillness, the witness, the observer, and there in lies the grail (gold).

So in order to do “the work”, you must stop searching, seeking, and be with it. Yes stop where you are and begin to doubt your story, your script, your scripted life, characters, and begin to see it for what it is.

What if everything you believe, judge, criticize, condemn, was wrong? Can you accept the opposite of what you are resisting? Can you see that both points of view are opposites of the same coin.  That they are both right and wrong.  Are you ready to stop and be with it all. It up to you.

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This thing called “alone”

So many people refer to this thing called being alone. What is being alone? I understand the modern version of alone. Isolated, nobody around.  Although the old English definition was ALL-ONE.  It seems like most of society is based on this one word.  Singers, actors, films, TV, books, drugs, drinking, eating, etc…all stem from one word, alone.  Yet  nobody talks about the word.  But everyone is talking about it. Singing about it. Acting out about it. Celebrating it in art, communities, and families. Friends tell friends that they don’t want to be alone.  Alone seems to lead to a need or want when the word is not discovered for its deeper meaning.  People don’t leave relationships because they will be alone, and they don’t want to be alone. Someone dies and people don’t want to be alone.  Am I suggesting that we don’t need love, people, communities, friends, or great stories. Not at all.  But I am suggesting we look at our words and see where they come from.  My sense is that if each one of us was to sit with the question: “Why am I scared to alone?” transformation would take place.  Please don’t answer quickly, sit with the question, be with it in your heart, “Why am I scared to be alone?”  

If the sense is that there is a God, consciousness, energy, and all of it, explain to me where is this aloneness. This aloneness drives the planet.  The core issue of fear is derived from the ignorance of not wanting to look at it.  This seems like a core issue for most people now.  In my sessions when I bring this up, most people don’t want to hear this question.  The reason for this is the sense that the story of poor me that they have been getting away with for many years will have to crumble. Most people don’t want to change, they love to be selfish, they love to play small, be small, I know this because that used to be my course.  Then this question came about within in me and shifted all the non-sense.  

Alone in the context of nobody around leads to lack.  Lack leads to want. Want leads to more of what you think you don’t have.  This leads to possessiveness, selfishness, expectations, from others, because within yourself you believe that you are alone.  Then starts the thrill ride of judgement, gossip, negativity, conditional loving, torment, lying, stealing, deception, because if you feel you are alone in the world, then you will feel you can get away with everything. This seems like KARMA. WHY AM I SCARED TO BE ALONE? sit with it, examine it, be with it, fight it, love it, contemplate it, until it opens you up to BIG LOVE.  Dialogue about it. Discover it in stillness.  

In BIG LOVE you will sense worthiness, joy, strength, and abundance. You will sense that all you have is enough.  Because you looked at the question, you will discover the FEAR, and because you didn’t run from it, you will find the GOLD that you are. 

It is time that we look straight at our FEAR of being ALONE, and say, “Come on, is that all you got, I know who I am.”

Today: Ask, “Why am I scared to be alone?” then sit with it.


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