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Great book! I highly recommend it!

“Great book! I use it for inspiration during my morning meditation time. The world would be a very different, more loving place to be if EVERYONE read, understood and lived this book. I highly recommend it!”

Shannon Snider (Amazon review November 9th 2017)

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The Book of Light: The Heart Opening


Mother Mary Message

Dearest Children of Love, be collected in your hearts and still in the mind.  Be not afraid. Truth is the highest Light.  Truth is still, quiet, and has nothing to prove.  There is nothing to judge and nothing to concern yourself with. A child is quite a good listener and so you must be a quite a good listener.  A child is strong, powerful, and curious in love.  Do not feed them fear, and doubt. It is not real.  The idea and concept of love is not real either. LOVE IS ALL THERE IS. Love is beyond the body, mind, and can not be explained. But can be felt in the heart, a choice is made up in the mind, feel the heart. How does it resonate with the choice? Intuition is the hearts language. There is a difference, but feeling will help with this.  No child has every been judged. Truth is the highest light and light refers to a light body, when we find ourselves in the dark way we are heavy, burdened, confused, and it is always simple to come back, by feeling into the choice made.  Feel into and with it.  And keep choosing the light way. Be not afraid.  There is no such thing as loss. Continue to feel open and follow the shepherding of Love. Love is life and life is light and playful. If you choose to play in the darkness, that is okay too. It will bring you closer to Light.  Darkness, and Light are not meant to scare, but are one in the same. They are helping each other out.  Call on me when you need the love of the mother. Simply call on the divine mother for guidance from the heart. I love your hearts in Truth. I love when you speak Truth, love Truth. Trust in Truth. Stand in Truth.                                                                        o-COLM-TOIBIN-TESTAMENT-OF-MARY-facebook

I want to know who you are?

Last night I was honored to attend a dialogue on my friends new new book entitled a A NEW WAY TO BE HUMAN. It was in Los Angeles with Robert Taylor and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  When Robert and Tutu first met, the Archbishop asked him, “Robert tell me who you are, not what you do?”  That inspired me to write this poem and so here it is.

I want to know who you are?

By David Matthew Brown


I want to know who you are?

I want to know who you are?

I want to know when all have left you-

When all is against you

When you are down,

Feeling no hope-

I want to know who you are?

I want to know when all is going good

Or bad if you can be the same person

I want to know what you yearn for

What you celebrate-

What pushes you to love past what you know-

When there is no one to do it-

No one next to you to inspire you-

I want to know who you are?

I don’t want to know what you have done

I don’t want to know what you do

I want to know who you are?
When you are upset with God-

Do you yell and scream at God?

Do you rip your heart open to tell your partner how much you appreciate them?

When you feel alone, lonely or shamed-

I want to know who you are?

I want to know if you are willing to throw the past away and start over-

Can you do that?

I want to know if you can forgive yourself and me and just say YES YES YES

Without doubt, confusion, and trust God knows what it is doing-

Can you love your fellow man and women when they are kicking you?

Can you love yourself when others won’t?

I want to know who you are?

Do you need to be discovered, be extraordinary, or

Are you happy to be ordinary?

Can you celebrate your friend’s success like it is your own?

Can you stand in fear and know the truth?

Can you try something new?

Can you stay committed even when you feel hurt?

Can you know that hurt can be healed?

I want to know who you are?

Who are you?

Do you collaborate with God in love and loving others everyday?

Even when you don’t know why?

Can you see how blessed you are?

I want to know your bigger YOU-

When you tell me someone cheated on you, or cheated, or lied-

I want to know if you can forgive them, not for them but for you-

And for them, even you don’t understand why-

I want to know the you that only loves and values yourself-

I want you to respect and value you

Not because of the work you do, not because some fool is attracted to you an wants what it can’t have-

But because you value you- you value others

Because you have seen your story and empathize with it-

That you can empathize with others-

I want you to discover who you are-

Not because I want it but because

You have no idea how big you really are-

Can you throw everything that you thought you knew away?

Can you see your partner with fresh eyes, and shower them with appreciation and value and respect, because dammit they are doing it for you?

I want to know who you really are?

Do you know God loves everyone?

Do you know this God has no idea of who you aren’t?

It is with you now and forever-

Do you know that you are a child of this God?

Do you know we are family?

I do. I do.

And I love you because you are loved-

And I can only love what God loves.

So tell me who are you?

What burns in your heart to express this?

Express it my love, express it-

Because this time I am not moving-

I am going to stand in this fear and trust in love-

Real love-

And I am going to trust that god loves you and me and us and we

Can you take all the crap that you have been through with others and stop projecting it on me and trust that this is real?

I want to know who you are, not what you do-

So who are you?

I am listening…

Sweet angel…





Heart Workers

A young woman was planting seeds for her garden.  As she was planting the seeds, she heard the birds whistling. She continued to look down and plant, and yet more birds whistled and sang.  She was so moved by the birds she looked up, it was then she saw the sun. The sun was rising up. The beauty of the sun captivated her, as the suns rays spread across the trees, the land, and finally filling the birds up with sun light.  She watched as the birds stopped singing once the sun rays hit them.  She was moved by the sun bath they were taking.  The birds were so happy in the sun light.  She noticed all of nature was happy being in the presence of the sun.  

She also recognized that she was not happy being in the sun. She didn’t like the light. She remembered people who were so kind to her, who valued her, who loved her as she was, and she also remembered how hard she worked to run from them. How hard she worked to judge their kindness. And now watching the birds embrace and receive the light moved her to tears. She could no longer run from the light, it was to much work to run and chase, it was then she decided to receive it.  

Calling the birds who sang heart workers.  Are you a heart worker? Do you bring light when there appears to be none? Do you receive the light from others or do you run? 

Today be a heart worker. PASS THIS ON


The King and the Monk a modern Parable

A king asked a monk, where is the breath you breath? Where is the music you play? Where is the love you speak of? Is it tangible? How come I can not see it?  The king insisted, “show me the actual music, come on show it to me, prove to me there is music.”  The monk was quite perplexed by the questions, but tried to respond, “Well the music is playing now, can you hear it? It is beautiful, adorable, amazing, and it is always playing. Listen.”  The king and the monk stood in silence, the king, “I can not hear it, see it, feel it, it frustrates me.” The monk responded simply, “Shhhhhh, listen, its here.” A moment passed  and the king listened. The silence so moved him, that he took off his crown and placed next to the monk, and said, “My dear sir,  I have been a king of vanity and power.  Please forgive me. My kingdom is just a passing, and yours is forever. All my questions have just been answered.”

What You Seek, Seeks You

I have had the opportunity to sit with many individuals who are seeking to be something. Some are seeking a deeper understanding of spirit, some are seeking a better job or different job, some are seeking better health, and  list goes on. We are all seeking something.  Have you ever wondered what you are seeking? Or asked, what is seeking me right now?  We love opportunities to grow and be bigger than what we know. That is why when we aren’t seeking anything, we take what is happening in our lives and create problems where there is no problems what so ever.  So I ask you to be still now, simply ask yourself, “What am I seeking? What is seeking me right now?”, no need to find the answer, maybe an image comes forward, a memory, idea, just let it happen. Then write them out.  You will begin to discover that the very thing you thought you were seeking, has been seeking you.  

Since there is only light and light is energy, then light seeks more of itself. It has no limits or lack.  When we seek something, more then likely, we are ready to blast off into the unknown.  Something deep  inside you is willing to be willing to blast off and explore the far reaches of the light.  When we see light, and really look at it, we may say,” If this light is me, where is the past? future? and myself?” all things in which we hold so tightly too.  Well they simply don’t exist or some call them illusions, but big deal right? Because a teacher can only lead the student so far and then the student must find out what all the fuss is about.  Either there is only light or there isn’t.  The way in which we discover this is through seeking.  

For example, I had a conversation with someone who wanted to be a film maker.  He was excited too a make films and had a big vision.  Then came all the reasons in which that wasn’t possible. He told me about age, money, circumstance, life, etc…then I asked him, “Have you considered that this is already done?” He was baffled my question. So he explained his reasoning to me, this time much more literally and slowly as though I missed the story.  He said, “David I would love to be a filmmaker, but i missed the ship. I am old, my money situation sucks, still living in an apartment, and blah, blah.”  So I asked again,”Have you considered that this is already done?”  And then we both sat there in silence as he huffed and puffed.  

So I explained, here is light, as I pointed to a lamp in the room, “Do you see the light? Do you see it?” He shook his head yes. “Okay, this light is you. Explain where the problem is. You have told me with great excitement that you are old. And yet I am asking you to just breath and see the light. Not as some spiritual thing, just see it. Science and quantum physics have suggested that we are energy; if that is the case then this light is who we are. But we only see the physical, right? We aren’t conditioned to dwell in the light. We are conditioned to dwell in the senses and only see the physical world as real. Good.”

He sat there and I sat there for some time.  Then a burst of energy came out, “Okay, lets play your game. I am light lets say, this light, this light has no past, future, self, it is full as it is.  Now this light wants to experience being a filmmaker, and the light doesn’t know any problems, any past story, future, whatever, right David?”

I shook my head in agreement, “Okay. So this light is seeking to be a filmmaker, but its seeking to be it by going through the story of what it knows to discover what it doesn’t know.  So what it is seeking me right now?  Would be being a filmmaker.  So I am a filmmaker already. That makes sense and yet my find is like WHAT THE BEEP?”

I acknowledged his progress, “Good now you are seeing correctly.”

“Yes but what about the obstacles, struggle, stuff…”

“Your desire is a desire from the heart. The heart already knows that it is a filmmaker. That is why it is coming up now. You have everything you need to manifest it. Your mind will follow the hearts lead quicker. If the mind takes the lead then it has no foundation because the heart may not support it, do you see? We are not conditioned to follow our true desire, we are told desires are bad and to suppress them. As we suppress the desire, it manifests in other areas of our life.”

He then added, “So just act like it.”

“Nope that is not what I am suggesting.  What I am suggesting to you is that the mind acts, and acts up.  Little tantrums.  So the mind says, I will act like a filmmaker. The hearts desire only stands in I AM. I am a filmmaker. The  heart is affirmative, the mind when it wants something builds up fantasies about it and how much people will love it and fame will follow. The mind is only concerned with getting and building itself up.  The heart works in the complete opposite way, because it wants to play. It works from inspiration. So it is done in the heart already.  I AM A FILMMAKER.  Affirmative action or Truth action. This is the will of the universe, of God. Becoming one.”

“I believe it. It feels freeing to be a filmmaker, in fact a list of people who I can talk to have come to mind.”

“Perfect. Do you see how what you were seeking was seeking you? And that “a list of people came to your mind”, your heart feeds the mind. The heart thinks in intuition. So intuitively it knows who to see without all kinds of effort.  So yes you will run into to obstacles, but you will be able to manage them because it is your hearts calling.  We all have a heart calling. When you find it, affirm it, then you are it. And you become unstoppable. The heart can handle anything. Anything.”

“YES that is awesome.”





Acceptance is a fact. Without acceptance is denial. Denying the fact of which is actually happening now. With denial comes anger, conflict, negative emoting, and drama.  Acceptance means all is neutral. This is what I mean by being neutral. Everything is neutral on this planet. You may have agitation for a person. Now someone knows the person and doesn’t have any charge with them.  But it seems that you have agitation for the person.  Which means that the agitation is coming from you. No matter how they are acting or choosing to be, the agitation is coming from you.  Which means there is a lack of acceptance for them and there would seem to be a lack of acceptance for that part in you. Hence oneness.  So when the charge in you happens,  first acknowledge that you are not accepting right now.  Be with the charge, don’t change it, fix it, or run from it. This is the most difficult to get. If by trying to fix it, change it, or run from it, you may notice that you will be putting it on the other person, and expecting them to deal with your charge. That is irresponsibility. Just be with the charge happening now. As you let it be, it will fall away and then you will be able to manage yourself and the situation accordingly.  When you can accept another, then you will be able to respond accordingly, hence the word, response ability, the ability to respond. When you are present you have the ability to respond or react. Reaction is denial of the situation or person.  In order to gain an understanding of another and yourself, you must observe. Be the observer. Observe everything that is happening inside you and outside at the same time.  it is happening. If you find that you react to something, rather than respond, then you will be telling the story to everyone. The story that you should tell people is this, “I observed so and so, and because I can’t accept them and choose to deny them, I feel angry with myself, but it appears to be them I am angry with, but I realize as I tell you this that it is not them its me. So rather than deal with myself and the denial I have of the situation, I choose to tell you because I need someone to get angry with, will you join me.” Most of the time your friends will jump right in.

TODAY: I accept myself and all my parts.  When I feel a charge in me, I realize that it is my charge and take responsibility for it. Because the other person is just being in what they know. Amen

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