Hey, you want to play with me?

When I have the opportunity to listen to clients in sessions, one thing that I realize is one, we take ourselves way to seriously, and two because of that we lose the sense of play.  Life is love and when that understanding is a realization, then you will see the play and the parts in it.  When you observe children playing, they have fun, create rules, and then throw them away, and play a new game. But as adults we seem to be more concerned with getting, making, wanting, expecting, needing, the other, or trying to full fill a dream of marriage, a house, security for life, and yet because most of us are living from selfishness, we neglect our hearts.  The desire in your heart will always debunk the mind. So lets say your will wants to live out this lifestyle, and living that lifestyle takes work, effort, and why you are working and efforting along the way you find yourself obsessed by the dream. This obsession leads to little lies here and there, manipulating others, lusting to get what you want, and destroying friendships, families, in the process of getting this dream done. So now you have achieved the dream and you look back and no one is around, it took ten years to get there, and all you have to show for it is this, pain you caused, struggle, and humiliation of yourself and others, which is greed (Lack).  So you have the dream and yet you are unhappy but why. You have the new cars, mansion, dream, and yet you are sad inside, not happy. Maybe this  true or not.

Now your heart desire comes in and says, “Okay now its time to be happy.”  Well you have to look at that, see what happiness is, and the mind thinks well I have to hold on to this, because happiness means I have to let all this go.  Well out of no where the job goes, money, the home, the partner who was only with you for fame and co-dependence is gone, and so now all the people you pushed over, cheated, lied, and all the ret of it are with you.  Your pride is wounded, your greed is seen for what it is, and you are alone, the same type of aloneness you were racing from with the dream.  So you can now look at your hearts desire and see what it yearns for. Come to find out it wants to open a place for people who need help finding a job, you decide to help people, the non-profit moves quickly, people are being helped because you decided to help others. You feel light, laugh lots, and play more. You have a partner who loves you as you are, and you love them.  It was never about the conditioned dream, it was always about service and helping and loving;  that makes the world go round.  Our world is in a state of need.

The need you can provide by loving your heart and yourself. From there you will discover play, laughter, service, and help.  We live in humanity and we need each other. Mother earth has provided so much abundance for us and we have taken her for granted.  Now we must give back to her and we can only do that through playing.

So rewrite your scripts with yourself first and the rest will fall into place.

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YOU are Significant

You are significant. Each one of you. We can end all debate on this topic by listening with are whole being. I call this active presence. You don’t have to close your eyes but if it helps you, then do it. You don’t have to sit cross legged, but if you feel like it then do it. You don’t have to chant, affirm, negate, fight, resist, but if it helps you then by all means do it.  All you have to do is listen and apply. Most people only listen 25-50% of the time, so don’t be surprised when you are not heard.

What is listening? How were we conditioned to listen? Most listen with the intention to be right, heard, or defensive. Most listen with a pre-conceived story ready, idea, concept, anything so there isn’t silence, anything so there isn’t breathing space. It is very limiting, lacking attention, and insincere way to be.
Yet, I am speaking about listening with none of the above going on. Can you listen to everything in your life without getting involved and making it about you? Can you? Please sit with this and be honest with yourself. Be honest with you. This is between you and God now. Not a punishing God, but your highest self. Your Buddha, your Christ nature. By listening I mean fully present with no agenda, no motive, no manipulation, no lust for the other, pure listening, authentic, aliveness, letting conversation lead you, not you leading the conversation. Can you live life this way? Not wanting, needing a single thing to add or lose of yourself. Just listening completely to the other, yourself, it all. Please be honest so we can discover the core of the fear of conditioned listening.
As you read this, you are listening, the mind translating this experience, so can you listen with no translation, nothing going on, because my friend if this type of listening is happening then you are trusting the whole of it, you are a life of nature. You will be allowing healing, miracles will manifest, life will move you to inspiration, inspiration will move you to action. This type of listening is REAL LOVE. No comparing, competition and all the nonsense. No running to the next thing, person, relationship, lover, money, job, just creation itself, listening.
When this happens then you will see how significant you are to the world and as the world. The world doesn’t need change as it needs good listeners. By truly listening, then change can happen easily and effortlessly.  Life can move, watch a tree in nature. It is listening.  Stretching, expressing, radiating, colorful, and still.  Sit down in front of a tree and talk to it. And you will laugh at first but you will be amazed by the love it exudes and transforms your life.  It is magical. All you have to be is a good listener. Can you be?

I invite you to subscribe with others around the world.

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Yesterday I was writing something and wrote “unison”, which means: complete agreement, harmonizing exactly.  When I sat with it a little more, uni= one and son= son.  One son, it reminded me of the stories of Buddha and Jesus, which is the story of our lives. To live in complete agreement with the laws of the universe and when we do that we become our true nature.  We become the son and daughter of unconditional presence.  The mantra may be I AM ONE and guess what? You are.  

Can you imagine? Sit with this for second. I AM ONE WITH THE UNIVERSAL ONE. Or as Christians say, “I AM THAT I AM.” That is how powerful you are. You are here to create from that. The way in which you connect to the source of everything is to quiet and listen.  Now when I say be quiet and listen, you think about talking and shutting up.  I am suggesting quieting your mind and listening to the silence which already is present.  In that silence exists all you need. In fact, when we use words to describe love, wealth, creativity, abundance, etc…we really are talking about the same energy which is unconditional presence.  Its all one life.  Each of us is that life expressing fully. It doesn’t seem that way because the mind is trying its best to convince us that there is separation. When really there is no separation.  The fragmented mind is convinced of this. So the only block between you and everything is silence.  With silence there is no conditions, barriers, blocks, problems, situations, and so what are we really waiting for? 

If everything is happening already and this life has infinite possibilities then what is wrong with silence.  It is here that we heal, it is here where true riches lie, it is here where magic is, and the absolute, and yet very few seem to want to go there.  Jesus never over threw the Romans but he left a lasting impression.  By getting still like nature we begin to understand how amazing we really are. Judgment is a thought. Love is silent, fun, joy filled, wisdom, and sometimes forceful. The lesson here is sometimes we should just be quiet and listen.  

When we can listen to the silence and maintain it for the day, then we can hear the truth, inspiration, and all the non sense goes away.  So can you turn away from the world? Can you be still?  Can you listen to the silence? If you can, you will be on the road like Jesus, Buddha, and many mystics.  

Live a life in complete agreement with nature. Sounds cool right?  

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Love Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

I had the wonderful opportunity about three years ago to run in the Los Angeles marathon. When training began it seemed overwhelming, but after talking to the coaches I was reassured that it would be okay. We started off with little runs, and then moved on the weekends to bigger runs. Before I trained for the marathon I started running about year out. I started with simply running one lap around the track, then two, then a mile. As I built my lungs up, I trusted my feelings to move me forward not my head. I realized early on that my head wanted everything now. It wanted a 3 hour time in the marathon, wanted to be noticed, wanted, wanted, wanted, well after evaluating the runs over time, I realized that this was my first marathon and found a comfortable time that would be realistic for me. I loved everyday running, somedays I felt really good and it was smooth, other days when I had to make bigger runs I realized they weren’t smooth but I still had training to do and did it.

I bring this up because love is a marathon, sometimes when people get into relationships they want the house, husband/wife, kids, dog. cars, and yet they don’t breath, grow, and learn with their partners and how they are in relationships, in fact they try sprinting and they tire out and move to the next relationship because they are exhausted, impatient, and in blame mode about the expectations their partners didn’t meet. But that isn’t love, we all know this and yet we get our pants in knot over love. Love is a marathon, meaning things come up, thing arise, and adjustments need to be made. How you handle the marathon of love is handle you handle your life. In a country with divorce, dropping lovers each week, speed dating, wanting it now, internet dating, quick fix society living, we miss that love is a marathon. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

When I was training I was committed to the marathon, in relationship we are committed to the other, that means no matter what comes up, we will work with it, be a team, and explore the possibilities. If things came up in my training, I didn’t complain to others about it, I just adjusted to it and moved forward. In fact if I did mention it, guaranteed someone would quip, “Dude you are running a marathon, I couldn’t do that.” When you realize that love is marathon it allows you to enjoy everyday and live it fully, when love becomes a sprint you miss the point, we are learning to love and create in loving ways. That is a process of patience.

So relationships are based on softening up, being receptive, and enjoying, rather than the old paradigm of wanting, expecting, and running away from things. Many people in relationships with their self and another panic. Impatience is panic, like sprinting it is exhausting, tiring, and before you know it, you are dwelling on what used to be. There is no aliveness, newness, because sprinting is about getting to the next moment, a marathon is about enjoying. A world class marathoner quipped, “Americans are funny at marathons, they have their goals, times, lists, and they forget to have fun and enjoy the race, I wonder if they live life that way.”

Are you living to get to the next thing? Are you living to die? Living to die means that you don’t want to experience life fully, you are not involved fully. My hope is that you live love as a marathon and enjoy it. Give yourself a break each day and enjoy nature, friends, lovers, family, fully. Marriage isn’t awful, but it is when you need, want, sprint, push, hold on to everything, don’t want to learn/grow with yourself in the relationship and the other. A relationship is how you are perceiving the other and how you perceive yourself. Some people create the same relationships and are bummed they are not married, kids, house, etc…well guess what, who is the central character in the story, who needs to change, when I ran the marathon, it wasn’t about anyone else but how I was viewing myself. Same in love. Be gentle with yourself, love is a marathon, so enjoy each other and give each other break for goodness sakes. Your partner is doing what they know and so are you. Stop punishing them all the time, or criticizing them. Appreciate what, and who you have. Maybe it ends, maybe you continues on, but treat it as a marathon. There is no reason why we can’t live for 40, 50, years with someone, the only reason is because we don’t want to run the marathon, we want to run the sprint and live for the end.

In a relationship, appreciate rather then criticize, love rather than judge, hug, touch, and feel rather than hide, escape, and run. Be honest, and when your wrong admit it, and when your right shut up, don’t rub it in. I love this, “Just because your right doesn’t mean I am wrong.” Relationships like a marathon is a process of learning, growing, and appreciating life, please do. Stop venting about your 4 month, 2 year, 5 year relationships as though they were the difficult ones of your life. Maybe you simply need to run the marathon and stop sprinting to get things and wants met.

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Love yourself, Stop Beating yourself up…

Each of us has heard it at some point in our life, “love yourself, you are to hard on yourself.”  So you are thinking, how do I do that? Being gentle with yourself, will bring forth gentleness in the world. But most of us are not gentle with ourselves, in fact when I meet clients for the first time, you can tell where they are by their impatience. Most people just want a quick fix, band aid, mantra, healing, guru, or workshop to attend.  Just so they feel like they have done something. In my experience of impatience and working with impatience, the impatience is the result of an over used mind, taxed by worry, doubt, confusion, and made up stories. 

So the impatience with ourselves, the world, and others leads us down a path filled and riddled with expectations, wants, and needs which are laid out in front of us in all forms.

If right now, you are feeling restless, impatient, worried, or anxious, then I would invite you to be aware of the impatience now. Be aware of it, and as you are aware, you may notice the mind wildly creating a broken record of stories, and also, that the mind is beating you up with conclusions about yourself.  Just be aware. Nothing to change, or fix.   As you are aware, begin to focus on your breath, allow the breath to flow in and out without stopping, let it be constant, a constant flow.  Just be here, allowing all to be as it is.  You may notice that your mind slows, and the record slows down, and as you continue to breath, you may also notice that with no thoughts in the mind, your breath just breaths you with no stopping, but when you think, the breath stops.  So keep being aware of the breath and now be in the breath. Feeling the breath filling up every ounce of your lungs, letting the exhale be released.  Now breath. You may notice that you feel tired and that is okay.  You are leaving mind energy and coming into being. Through this short example of awareness, notice that when you are in the breath, you are in the absolute truth of who you are. 

Who you are needs no justification of itself. But the mind needs the story to continue.  The reason you sense this impatience about you and the reason you may beat yourself up, is because you forgot that what you were telling yourself wasn’t the truth.  The truth is impersonal and will be the same today, tomorrow, and yesterday.  So impatience is coming into to your life to allow the truth to come forward. Everything is perfectly aligned with the unconditional presence.  So you love yourself by bringing your awareness to what is happening now and the mind slows down.  When the mind slows down, then you will begin to gain confidence in the still point, and as this happens you will lose the influence of the mind to try and convince you that you are something else, or that there is something else going on.  You may have to read this a couple of times, but I encourage you to bring awareness to your life and discover who you are.  Please question this and see for yourself.  

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You Are The Artist of Your Life

So first thank you to those who are reading this blog on a continued basis. So you know this blog will be making its appearance on a national level. Because of that, the new title will be called WRESTLING WITH YOURSELF. I hope you join me and continue to read this blog on Patheos.com, a leading edge spiritual website geared toward helping each of us expand to our greater self.  I am humbled by the opportunity to be included with such wonderful creative writers.  Now back to the blog.

I have explained on many occasions that if you have trouble with the word God that is fine. But I do invite you to look at the old beliefs, views, and stories you are carry about it.  We should look at these concepts we carry of God every 5 years.  When I was a child growing up in catholic school I carried around the idea that Jesus died for me, that I was born in sin, that God was a super human who was watching all my thoughts, and who would punish me if I wasn’t living rightly.  Those views have changed over the years and my view of God is of unconditional nature.  So to help us all with the view of God, I like to use the word unconditional, so you will notice as you continue to read this blog, unconditional will be used rather than God. But let us be on the same page, it is the same to me.  Just like using All That Is, words can not express the vastness of this presence.    

So this unconditional presence which already is expressing, is looking for acknowledgment from you. When you sit quietly with the unconditional presence and realize there is no separation between you and another, between you and anything, and you get past the duality of the mind and rest in the unconditional presence of life, you will discover like Jesus discovered that you are the wave of the ocean.  Each of us is the wave. Pretty cool! Which means, that when you connect to the unconditional presence that is, then you are the artist of your life.   YES THE ARTIST who is one with the ARTIST itself.  So you take complete responsibility for your creation.  You are the painter of thoughts, actions, words, and love.  

Some artist when they don’t like their paintings, simply throw them away.  But when we don’t like what we have created, we sometimes have to forgive and create again, or simply create again and again.  The one thing I like about artists, is they throw themselves into their life’s work. So as an artist of your life, throw yourself into LIFE. The past is done, you have made your choice in it, whether you judged, were kind, loving, critical of yourself or another, it doesn’t matter, all you can do is forgive it and move forward.  Once you authentically forgive, all is forgiven in the unconditional, I think that is pretty cool. So as an artist create your masterpiece and learn as well.

Yesterday I was able to have conversation with a client who was upset with his lost relationship, and some other things in her life.  I said, “Who isn’t upset with something, can’t you learn from it and move one?” He looked at me and was was taken back, “He said well that doesn’t seem loving.” I listened and said, “Actually that is love, love is responsible for the creation, love is not a victim to it.”  He laughed, “Good point.”  

When you realize your life is a work of art then you can play, laugh, and learn all the time.  Not only will you be confiding in love, but to confide in love inside yourself is to have confidence. You begin to listen to the small the voice inside of you and listen to how you feel about things.  Forgiving doesn’t become a another job, but it becomes a way of life. Forgiving becomes an eraser of your creation.  Love is life and life is love and as an artist of your life, you are a lover of it too.  Love is all giving, it doesn’t need or want anything but to love itself and see it in another.

So when you withhold love from another, play games with another, not fully embrace a relationship, well you are missing life and missing the most important opportunity in life, to dwell in the unconditional presence itself.  By not being engaged in a relationship, then I am sure you are not engaging other aspects of you and your life as well.  

When you engage life as an artist and fully create with your pallet of colors (Words, thoughts, actions, and intentions) then you can’t help but be present in life and love.  There is not time to think about yesterday, or analyze  the past or people.  You realize that life is all and all is life. YOU ARE THE ARTIST! So what are you creating today? How are you using your pallet of colors?  You are the artist of life, what type of painter do you want to be, one of fear and separation or love and oneness? It is really up to you, no one can be the artist you are, so stop listening to them, and start creating your work.

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Everyone has an opinion, I choose to not listen

One of the biggest lessons each of us will learn is this motto, “Everyone has a right to their opinion and I have right not to listen to it.”  I love this motto which I got from Joel Osteen.  When you live fully in your life and follow that inner voice you will be happy, provided for, alive, and enlivened.  You are a great light and your light has to reach its potential.  In order for your light to reach your potential, you have to understand that everyone has a opinion of your life, good, bad, or indifferent, and none of them are right.  Some have good opinions and some bad, but all of it is based on their experience, and so it is best to learn to listen and then move on.  The best advice is listen to your heart when some one offers you their opinion before taking it on.

The worst kind of person to deal with is the high maintenance person. This kind of individual is the kind where you can literally be kind, generous, giving of your time, and shower them with love, and they are still not happy, they want more. In fact they will criticize you, complain about you, make you feel bad for not helping them get out of their troubles, turn against you with friends, find ways to manipulate, and play games. My advice, cut the ties. Life is meant to be lived fully.  

Learn to listen. But listening without any attachment. The way you do that is through listening with your entire being.  When you do this the world becomes enliven and so do you. It is present and new.  You will be able to hear the moment to moment guidance as well and live a life full and light filled. As you succeed in your path, you will realize that some people just can’t handle your success and will do anything to make you unhappy and bring you down.  It will surprise you that it might be family and friends. No worries, remember everyone has an opinion, and you have a choice on who to listen too. But listen to your heart, you won’t go wrong.

I have realized this lesson many times and when it finally hits, your world becomes between you and God (Unconditional Love), consciousness, or whatever you choose to call the allness. Much love to you and remember your life matters, because you matter.

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