Over the past several weeks I have had the incredible opportunity to sit with some amazing people; each client has come to me with what appears to be a different crisis, problem, and situation. And yet they all seem to have the same core issue, value.  As I listen, the following question comes up, “What is value? Where do you place your value?” Some of the answers that were given to me were the following: in their job, money, partners, kids, health, families, themselves, and success. All of these are very noble, honest, and wonderful ways in which we have been conditioned to place value.  So what is value?  Where is it? Value is worth.  Most us put value on things outside of ourselves, and some of you reading this blog are probably saying well that is easy, value is inside.  Great but when we say something is inside ourselves then we search the mind for the answer, or we go to the heart, or we are with our breath, or we try to meditate.  So what does it mean to go inward? Everyone is talking about it, everyone has a technique and yet only a very few seem to find it.

Each of you is the face of God.  Let me say that again, each of YOU is the FACE of GOD.  I didn’t say some of you, or many of you, or a couple of you, I said each of you.  Meaning everyone of you.  Knowing that now, your prayer should be to know unconditional love, because that unconditional love is loving you now, and that is who you really are striving for.  Can you receive that?  If you can receive that fully, then you will understand the will of god which is love, love, love, with no conditions.  Many us are playing a sick game of thinking. That’s right thinking.  Your value is not found in thinking, your value is not found in judgments of yourself and others, of what you think are your mistakes, or thinking that your mistakes are who you are.  Those are conditions.  Can you live a life unconditionally loving?  Can you receive that unconditional love?

Thinking will not heal you. Your worth is found in receiving Gods unconditional love for each of you now.  Your spirit does not blame, condemn, judge another, and yet we seem to do that to others all day long.  Can you feel the love that is loving you unconditionally now?  Stop and be with that.  Your value or worth is found in that place.

Every space you are in is God, it is everywhere and in all places at once.  In eastern thought they call it nothingness or a void.  Does not matter what you call it, it is the same.  It has no owner, identity, condition, levels, or judgment. IT IS AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE.  God is not story, just like you. You are not a story, a condition, a mistake, a problem, a struggle, and there is nothing missing in you, because you are one with the ONE.  So you are in it already.  Turn your attention on your value.  Your value is found in the observer. The observer is still. When a label comes, judgment, gossip of another or yourself, you have lost the observer through identity of a false creation.

Unconditional love is found before the story. Find out yourself, for you are the FACE OF GOD ITSELF.


God is NOT the Story

We are great story tellers.In fact your entire identity is based on story.  Without the story of who you are, who are you? Who are you without the story of YOU? Who is telling the story?  We tell stories about everything, everybody, and everything is lost and found in the story. We have wonderful stories of God. Although God is not found in a label, story, or words. God can not be described in terms of stories.  So God is not an idea, image, or even sound.  God is found now and always now. God is not a past, future thing. Those are mind construction of an idea or group of ideas about God.  God is found just like  you are found before the label, before the word, before the limitation, before the judgement, before it all.  The moment that it becomes a label, word, thought, story, the essence is lost and must be found, yet it is not lost. That is the paradox of truth, impersonal truth.

God is impersonal. Truth is impersonal. There is no ownership of it. There simply can’t be ownership over the all of now. It would be like an individual trying to sell you plots of now. As if there is a market in that.  If I was to show you light. You would see the light in full. It fills every space and every space is filled with this light. Even parts that seem solid would be filled with this light. Now I would ask you where yesterday is? Where is tomorrow? Can you find it? Can you found you in this light? Where are you? Where is this story you keep telling us about YOU? Where are you? Sure you may tell me a story about where you THINK you are? But is that truth? Is your personal story so real that you believe it? 

Same applies for God.  Where is God? This question may open a little gate way but the question is just a question. If God is not a story, then you can’t be a story. You can’t be found in the past, or future, or through what appears to be mistakes, these are experiences but none of them are you. You can’t be the experience, so God is not an experience, because experience comes and goes, correct? Your identity is not found anywhere except where you are now.  Same with God. God can only be found now. The story of God is a story that once spoken is gone. 

So true education is to know yourself, and when you know yourself, you will discover God. It is not in the label, idea, image, experience, but found beyond that now.  The suggestion being made is not that we don’t experience, but that we are not identified as the experience.  If we become identified as the experience we have lost the life force of all. 

Our language should be in observing, as one observes, then one should speak from there. We are constantly observing. Once we become identified with what we are observing then a story happens.  Your breath is constant. God is constantly giving the answer. Nothing is held back from its children.  Get by the story, labels, and identities. See where they come from. See if today you can be with things before they become something. Just observe and pay attention to when the judgement comes, that is how subtle, beautiful, and loving God is. 

Remember to not believe my words. Find out for yourself. Be in the undiscovered. What the mind perceives as fear is really aliveness wanting to be unleashed. Love, love, love


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