Stop Looking

Stop looking out there for it. Big deal right? Say it as many times as you wish and still nobody wants to listen, because they are busy looking for it. So what is everyone looking outside for.  What is it that if you found it out there, it will allow you such joy and happiness, that your life would change?  Is it the relationship that excites you so much, you tell your friends that you are in love, then sooner or later, you announce you hate their guts. Is it the job you are looking for, and when you get the job, you are excited then you realize that it is like all the rest. Is it the new diet, body you want, then when you have it, you have to maintain it. Is it calling yourself spiritual and then realizing we are spiritual so there is no such thing as specialness.  What is it, that you will change you out here?  Can anything change you out here? I am asking you to look at it.  So if out here can’t change you, and the conditioned world wants you to go on a journey and find it, then where is it?  Nothing out here can bring you freedom, because if you are looking for it, then when you find it, you will be attached to it. Then it becomes another possession.  Another thing. Do you see?

So can you stop looking for it? Stop searching for it? Stop wanting it? Can you simply stop and allow awareness? The story of Buddha is our collective story. He gave up his riches, family, traditions, rituals, home, and everything to find everything. Same with Jesus. Can you give up the world to find it? How do you give something up, if you are looking for it.  Stop thinking about it.  When you stop thinking about, what ever it is, it will be attracted to you.  There is nothing to think about that isn’t already happening.  We have been conditioned in school to create problems, and solve them.  We are lost in the problem, forgetting that we created it. Stop thinking about it and you will see it is already done. You exist in the all of all.  Found that out. Live that. Get to know that and you will realize the conditional was the problem. ” says Robert Taylor.


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The Boxer

Dear ones, many of you live your lives like a boxer. But your fight is within, although many of you believe it is out there.  When you wake in the morning is when the fighting begins. Your first punch is what you  seem to be missing in your life, as though anyone can take away love from you. The second punch comes from life itself, as you begin to point out in your mind your competitors. The competitors you have been fighting with have been with you for most of your lives. The ones who have wronged you or you have wronged. They just have new faces and bodies. Your arrogance is your biggest enemy.  You believe that the world is against you, and yet you are against yourself.  So you build defenses like a boxer.  You become good a jabbing, dodging, winning , and making others feel the loss.  You taunt them, put them down, knock them out, abuse them with your selfish acts, and act tough.  Until one day, your job knocks you out, a relationship betrays you, you cheat on another and believe that you have gotten away. But dear ones, I ask you, “How can you ever run from love or even fight it?” And yet you do.  You have fought a good fight.  Now most of you are tired, some of you can’t pick your arms up to defend yourself, the rounds seem long, and you are finally exhausted from fighting it all.  You missed the point of it all. Love does not fight. Love doesn’t control. Love doesn’t need anything. Love goes with the flow. Love knows another as itself. Love has nothing to hide. For again all will be revealed in time. Love is patient. Love is impeccable with its word.  Some of you will continue to fight, and some of you that can hear this message have finally understood. Put down your hands, open up your fists, and breath. You are safe now and you have always been.  Let love, let love, let love., let love be. LET LOVE BE. The days of fighting are over. Every fight you have is with yourself. What are you fighting? What or who is attacking you? The war is within, and now your peace must be with both sides. One is real and the other is a wonderful actor.  You choose. LET LOVE BE.

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