Stop Looking

Stop looking out there for it. Big deal right? Say it as many times as you wish and still nobody wants to listen, because they are busy looking for it. So what is everyone looking outside for.  What is it that if you found it out there, it will allow you such joy and happiness, that your life would change?  Is it the relationship that excites you so much, you tell your friends that you are in love, then sooner or later, you announce you hate their guts. Is it the job you are looking for, and when you get the job, you are excited then you realize that it is like all the rest. Is it the new diet, body you want, then when you have it, you have to maintain it. Is it calling yourself spiritual and then realizing we are spiritual so there is no such thing as specialness.  What is it, that you will change you out here?  Can anything change you out here? I am asking you to look at it.  So if out here can’t change you, and the conditioned world wants you to go on a journey and find it, then where is it?  Nothing out here can bring you freedom, because if you are looking for it, then when you find it, you will be attached to it. Then it becomes another possession.  Another thing. Do you see?

So can you stop looking for it? Stop searching for it? Stop wanting it? Can you simply stop and allow awareness? The story of Buddha is our collective story. He gave up his riches, family, traditions, rituals, home, and everything to find everything. Same with Jesus. Can you give up the world to find it? How do you give something up, if you are looking for it.  Stop thinking about it.  When you stop thinking about, what ever it is, it will be attracted to you.  There is nothing to think about that isn’t already happening.  We have been conditioned in school to create problems, and solve them.  We are lost in the problem, forgetting that we created it. Stop thinking about it and you will see it is already done. You exist in the all of all.  Found that out. Live that. Get to know that and you will realize the conditional was the problem. ” says Robert Taylor.


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I have issues…with you?

We seem to live in a society where everyone is looking out.  It reminds me of someone who is looking in a mirror and wanting the mirror to change. The mirror just won’t change itself. In my energy work and working with individuals; what I have discovered is that the first session is about what everyone else is doing to the client. It would be wonderful to hear a client once say, “This is my experience and I take full responsibility for it. I know there are infinite ways to look at this and I am scared to see them. Because I am scared of change, to grow up, to be king or queen.”  

  As we look outside of ourselves we live in lack, limitation, want, need, and expectation.  All of us know in our hearts this doesn’t feel right, so we decided to look at our choices and take responsibility for them.  As an energy worker I only see who you really are without the story, attachment, judgment, and yet when facilitating the work I see all that is around the person and all they have failed to tell me about.  Which is probably for the best.  For me all issues start with our lack of understanding of source, God, energy, whatever you choose to call it, the Mighty I AM presence.

When things happen outside of our selves we try to fix them. Let me give you an example: 2 plus 2 is 4, lets say you think 2 plus 2 is 5.  So you look at the 5 and it doesn’t make sense. The 5 is the effect of the foundational principle of math. 5 is not the answer.  So you try to fix the five and you can’t. You get discouraged and give up. When you give up the fight , you receive and insight, “Oh maybe I need to look at the foundation.” So you look and 2 plus 2 equals 4, simple.  Most everyone when looking at life is conditioned to look at the problem, situation, the end result, and fail to look at the cause.  What is the cause? What caused this result? Not what is the effect? 

When things seem to go wrong in our life, we look at the apparent wrong and act like we aren’t connected to it.  We fail to look at the cause.  The cause is God.  So what is God? Simply God is all and all. Everywhere present and occupying all space. It is not conditional.  In order to know God you have to understand God and take action from that place.  All Jesus ever did was prove the universal principle that love is all there is. Over and over again he healed others with love. He knew there was only “heaven at hand”. He lived his life this way. He didn’t judge others and condemn them.  He always went to the source of unconditional love which was God. He meditated on the truth, that god had no idea or ideas about sickness, death, or mistakes.  Because God is the creator of our life.  But we were given will. 

When you use that will for love and realize that love gives love and the effect is love coming back, then you are connected to your source. If you keep receiving fear then go to your source and ask for understanding. You can’t even imagine unconditional love. But everything and everyone is helping you. They are helping you open up to the bigger YOU. Whether you like it or not.  And yet we resist and create problems. We say, “Oh its my parents, relationships, money, health, this or that.” What I hear is the lack of understanding of who you are really.  Since God is all there is, then you are the mirror of that expression. To know God you have to express love to know love, you have to express kindness to know kindness, compassion to know compassion, that is action. God is action, God is all, and God is free and so are you. That is the truth about everyone. As you understand God, you understand yourself and who you are.  In God there is no problems, situations, drama, chaos, or anything because God didn’t create them. God is love. That is it. And it keeps expanding itself. It is the same today, tomorrow, and yesterday. 

So when we have issues then you IS-YOUS. Recognize you have created an amazing experience.  You have chosen to look to God.  Remember nothing is hidden from you. God built you and made you in its image and likeness.  You are loved and so you are loveable.  My hope is that today you go to God and ask for wisdom and understanding in your life.  You will be provided for and taken care of.  You are golden.  There is nothing and nobody divorced from truth. 

We have all made mistakes, missteps, or hurt others or ourselves by hurting others. But what I have learned from all this is simply this, truth is simple.  Life is simple.  Let go of the fight and experience insight.  Stop fighting your life and creating strife. Go to God and ask and you will receive all you need now. But you have to ask.

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